Dodge Cars

For: Commodore VIC-20


Main Genre:
Action , Racing / Driving


Dodge Cars for the Commodore VIC-20
Dodge Cars for the Commodore VIC-20

Dodge Cars is a racing game first published by Nüfekop in 1982 for the Commodore VIC-20. It is a simple racing game where players need to drive as far as possible without crashing. The game presents a top-down view of a five lane highway with numerous oncoming cars. The player's car moves continuously forward and all players need to do is use the joystick to steer left and right to avoid the traffic. Points are awarded based on how far the player travels before a crash.


Platform: Commodore VIC-20
By: Scott Elder


Instruction Manual
Commodore VIC-20
Video Wizard's, Inc. release