David Leadbetter's Greens

Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC/Compatibles

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Platform: Amiga
MicroProse Golf was programmed by: Lee Hodgson (The Thought Train), Mark Davies (The Thought Train)
with additional technical ideas from: Mike Singleton, Andrew Dean
Graphics: Drew Northcott
Music: Justin Scharvona
Development Manager: Tim Roberts
Publisher: Paul Hibbard-Teall
Quality Assurance: Gary Hyland, Andrew Luckett
Documentation: Rob Davies
Packaging and Manual Design: Joanna Smith
Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Greens was programmed by: Lee Hodgson, Mark Davies, Marcus Goody
Graphics: Drew Northcott, Suzy Lockyer, Martin Smilie
Music and Sound Programming: Andrew Parton
Original Music Composition: John Broomhall
Development Managers: James Hawkins, Tim Roberts
Publishers: Paul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland
Intro Sequence: Keith Jackson (Sleepless Knights), Anthony Rosbottom (Sleepless Knights)
Quality Assurance: Peter Woods, Philip McDonnell, Nick Stokes, Richard Bakewell, Andrew Luckett
Packaging and Manual: Rob Davies, Joanna Smith, Sarah Warburton
Additional thanks to: Adrian Parr, Bill Stealey, Simon Butler, Scott Johnson, Monique Caron, Agency Video Productions, Sarah Claridge


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