Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Licensed Title
Bird's-eye view
Gameplay Style:
Turn Based
Fantasy , Post-Apocalyptic


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Story & Game Design: SSI Special Projects Team
Producers: Nicholas Beliaeff, Daniel Cermak
Associate Producer: Rick White
Lead Programming: Robert W. Calfee
Game Programming: Michael Coustier
Additional Programming: Keith Brors, Russ Brown, Douglas Grounds, John Miles (Low Level Audio Programming)
Music & Voice: Ralph Thomas (Audio Programming/Sound Effects & Voice Producer), Tim August (Voice Director), Ron Calonje (Sound Effects & Voice Engineer), George Alistair Sanger (FM Voice Design)
Additional Music: Nada Lewis (Shattered Lands & Wake of the Ravager)
Performers: Doug Bushman, Walter Fields, Adam Gropman, David Hatch, Ali Katz, Michael London, Merle Madlin, Dianne Nola, Bryan Session, Greg Walsh
Data Manager: Caron White
Region Design & Coding: Chris Carr (Lead Scripter), Ken Eklund, Adam P. Isgreen, Don McClure
Region Design Support & Testing: Chris Lanka, Steven Okano
Artists: Diane Duffey, Diane Fong, Danté Fuget, Gennady Krakovsky, Maurie Manning (Lead Artist), Ben Rush
Documentation Manager: Eileen Matsumi
Documentation & Screen Text Editing: Al Brown, Jonathan Kromrey, André Vrignaud
Test Supervisor: Glen Cureton
Product Testers: Kelly Calabro, Benjamin Cooley, Cyrus Harris, Mike Klingler, Alan Marenco, Bill White, Zane Wolters
Bug System Support: Annette Grove, Rose Ramos
Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing (Louis Saekow Design): David Boudreau, Leedara Zola
Printing: Consolidated Printers
Special Thanks to: Roberta Gibbons, James M. Ward
Cover Artwork by: Gerald Brom (uncredited)