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Centipede for the IBM PC
Centipede for the IBM PC
Centipede is an unofficial version of the popular arcade game of the same name that was released for the IBM PC in 1983. The game remains more or less the same as the official version of Centipede; players control a shooter in a field of randomly placed mushrooms with the goal of earning as many points as possible by shooting the multi-segmented centipede and other bugs.


The player controls a shooter which is limited to moving around the bottom of the screen. On each level, the centipede begins at the top of the screen moving left or right and then dropping down a row each time it reachs the end of the screen or runs into a mushroom. The centipede is made of of multiple segments; when all segments are destroyed, the game continues on to the next, more difficult level with a new centipede. If players destroy a segment that is in the middle of the centipede and not the head, the centipede splits into two individually moving centipedes.

In addition to the centipede, there are several other bugs players will encounter that can be shot for bonus points or simply avoided. Moving randomly starting at either the left or the right of the screen is a spider; crashing into the spider is deadly and bonus points are earned for shooting it — the number of points depends on how close to the spider the player is when it's shot. Starting with the second level, if the number of mushrooms remaining on the screen becomes too low then fleas appear. The fleas fall from the top of the screen and leave new mushrooms behind. Fleas need to be shot twice; after the first shot, they speed up and the second will destroy them. On later levels, a scorpion will appear. The scorpion moves across the screen above the area where the player can move so it's harmless, however it poisons any mushrooms it touches along the way. If the centipede runs into a poisoned mushroom, it will head straight towards the bottom of the screen instead of moving left and right.

Player's begin the game with 3 shooters and earn an extra shooter every 12,000 points with a maximum of 6 shooters possible. The game ends when a player loses all of their shooters. Players can select one of three different skill levels which affect the speed of the game.


System: IBM PC/Compatibles
Written by: R. J. Grafe
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