Capcom Bowling

Platforms: Arcade


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Visual Presentation:
Fixed / Flip Screen


Capcom Bowling is a bowling simulation released in arcades by Capcom in 1988. The game features a top down view of a bowling alley and allows up to four players to compete for the highest score. To bowl, players use a track-ball to control the direction and power of the ball and can optionally use two buttons to control the left or right spin on the ball. During the game a small animated display features different graphics for turkeys, splits, strikes, gutter balls, and more. The game could also be configured by operators to dispense tickets at certain scores and the dedicated cabinets included a built in ticket dispenser door (although the ticket dispenser itself was optional).


Platform: Arcade
Programmed by: Richard A. Ditton
Audio Programming by: David Thiel
Game Audio: David Thiel
Exciter Audio: David Thiel, Kyle Johnson, Neil Falconer


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Arcade Version
Upright Cabinet
Arcade Version
Cocktail Table


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