Battle Bugs

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Gameplay Style:
Real Time


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Game Credits
Design: Dennis Caswell, Craig Nelson, Stephen B. Lewis, Mark Holmes
Original Concept: Craig Nelson
Programming: Dennis Caswell
Graphics and Animation: Stephen B. Lewis, Mark Holmes
Music: Byte-Size Sound
Sound Effects: Halestorm
Voice Characterizations and Incidental Text: Dennis Caswell
Digitized Sound Driver for the Internal Speaker: Craig Nelson
Other Sound and Music Drivers: THE Audio Solution
Design Consultant: Bill Darrah
Thanks to: Bill Lanphear, Matthew Crysdale, Thomas MacDevitt, Tom Schumacher
Manual Credits
Text: Bill Lanphear, Dennis Caswell, Kurt Weber
Editing: Kurt Weber
Design and Layout: Cameron Mitchell
Publications Manager: Kevin Lamb
German Manual Administrator: Norman Nelson
German Manual Translation: Kai Brinkmann