Apple Cider Spider

For: Apple II, Commodore 64


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Commodore 64 version of Apple Cider Spider
Commodore 64 version of Apple Cider Spider

Apple Cider Spider is a platform/action game published by Sierra On-Line in 1983 for the Apple II and Commodore 64. The game takes place in an apple cider factory; the goal is for players to guide a spider through three screens of obstacles and safely reach the attic.


The game begins on the bottom floor of the apple cider factor with the spider in the bottom right. At the top of each screen is a rope which leads up to the next screen and eventually the spider's web in the attic. In the way is all of the machinery that makes apple cider including conveyor belts to move apples, a device to split apples into halves, an apple crusher to make the cider, and a bottling mechanism. Players will need to carefully guide the spider through and around all of the devices without falling off of ledges, getting hit by apples, or caught in the machinery. Additionally, other wildlife such as frogs and birds can appear in the factory which are also dangerous to the spider. Due to the placement of platforms, ropes, and obstacles each screen has one safe path through that players will need to figure out; sometimes the route is clear, but some trial and error will probably be needed as well. Once all three screens are cleared, the game then repeats with a higher level of difficulty.


Platform: Apple II
By: Ivan Strand
Platform: Commodore 64
By: Ivan Strand


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