For: IBM PC/Compatibles

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IBM PC version of Anti-Ballistic-Missile
IBM PC version of Anti-Ballistic-Missile
Anti-Ballistic-Missile is an action game similar to Missile Command. The goal of the game is to protect six cities along the IBM east coast from enemy missiles. When the game starts, the enemy will fire 12 missiles (represented by lines starting at the top of the screen) towards the cities located at the bottom of the screen; the player needs to fire anti-ballistic missiles to destroy them before they reach the cities. A cursor on the screen indicates where the player is aiming; if an anti-ballistic missile is fired and within close enough range of an enemy missile when it detonates, the enemy missile is destroyed. Once all of the enemy missiles are launched and are either destroyed or explode, the game ends. If all of the cities are destroyed, the player loses the game; if any cities survive, the player wins (More points are earned for more remaining cities). Several skill levels are available which control the speed of the enemy missiles and the size of the explosion for the player's anti-ballistic missiles (higher skill levels have smaller explosions making the game tougher).


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
By: Ed Davis