All Dogs Go to Heaven

For: Amiga, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Movie Adaptation , Action
Puzzle Solving

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System: IBM PC/Compatibles
Program Design: Steve Greene, Peg Smith, Trish Glenn, Roger E. Pedersen, Roddy McGinnis
Software Directors: Steve Greene, Roger E. Pedersen, Roddy McGinnis
Game Programmer: Michael Robert Hausman
Sound Programmer: Mike Pierone
Software Artist: Juan L. Sanchez
Technical Writers: Roger E. Pedersen, Roddy McGinnis
Manual Artists: West Olive
Cover Artists: West Olive
Cover Layout: Adamson Group
Original Story: Don Bluth
Software Executive Producer: Jack E. Irons
Software Producers: Steve Greene, William R. Graham, Joe H. Glover, Ted O. Groebl
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