Alice in Wonderland

Platforms: Apple II, Commodore 64


Main Genre:
Gameplay Style:
Interactive Fiction , Platform
Visual Presentation:
Fixed / Flip Screen


Apple II version of Alice in Wonderland
Apple II version of Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland is an platform/adventure game released in 1985 by Windham Classics. It is based on the Alice books by Lewis Carrol and has players controlling Alice as she explores Wonderland. The same game engine as Windham Classics earlier game Below the Root is used giving Alice in Wonderland a similar graphical style and user interface.


The game begins with Alice encountering a white rabbit who is very late; after learning of a rabbit hole from the rabbit and acquiring a few necessary items, Alice can crawl into the rabbit hole and the adventure in Wonderland begins. The game doesn't follow the books precisely, instead it uses many of the same characters and has puzzles inspired by Carrol's works. A variety of puzzle types appear in the game and often involve finding and using the correct items, talking with characters for clues, and solving riddles. When talking with other characters, players can select a type of emotion to use rather than a specific statement or line of questioning. Different characters respond to different emotions and in some cases may even leave for a while if Alice upsets them. There are numerous clocks located throughout the game world showing the current time; the solution to some puzzles requires being in the right place at the right time. Additionally, the game has a time limit as everything needs to be completed before the Red King wakes. There is a pause feature which also stops time if players need to think about a puzzle solution.

Alice in Wonderland features an interface that doesn't require any typing. Players can move Alice around the game world with a joystick or keyboard; actions (including talking to other characters and examaning objects) are performed by selecting commands from a menu of available options. The game world consists of numerous platforms, ladders, and buildings players need to navigate. Early on Alice acquires a parasol which can be used when falling to slow her descent and avoid crashing (which adds a time penalty).


Platform: Apple II
Based on the books (notes) by: Lewis Carroll
Game Design: Dale Disharoon, Laurence Yep
Game Script: Laurence Yep
Artwork: Bill Groetzinger
Programming: Vince Mills
Manual & Poster Art: Dick Kennedy
Character Improvisations: Ken Grantham, Howard Swain, Nancy Palmer Jones, Bob Ernst, Jessica Abbe, John Robinson, Michael Cawelti
Playtesting: Judy Jepson, Joanne Ryder
Handbook Design: Graphic Ink