Adventure Quest IV

Platforms: Apple II, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Adventure , Strategy
Gameplay Style:
Interactive Fiction


Adventure Quest IV is a compilation of adventure, strategy, and action games published by Keypunch Software in 1988. Included were disks for the Apple II, Commodore 64, and IBM PC in the same box. Although versions for all three systems were packaged together, the games included for each system were completely different.

Apple II Games

  • Mind Master
    Attempt to guess the secret codes in this puzzle game. Options allow for any combination of human and computer players.
  • Rubies Cube
    A computerized version of the popular puzzle Rubix Cube; players twist and turn a 3x3x3 cube to attempt to make each of the six faces of the cube a uniform color.
  • Concentration
    A memory game where two players compete by attempting to find matching cards in a deck. Players take turns picking two cards from the deck; if they match, a point is earned and they get to pick 2 more cards. The first player to earn 14 points wins.
  • Simple Simon
    A computerized version of the memory game; the computer will quickly display a series of numbers on the screen. Players need to type in the same numbers in the same sequence. Each time a correct response is given, the game proceeds to the next round with more numbers and a quicker pace.
  • Wagons West
    A strategy/adventure game simulating a journey on the Oregon Trail in 1847. Players need to safely complete the 2040 mile journey by carefully buying supplies, hunting for food, defending from attacks, and more.
  • Galactic Empires
    A strategy game where multiple players attempt to control the most worlds in the galaxy by games end.
  • Stoneville Manor
    An adventure game where players need to search for and open the safe of the late Mr. Stone in order to inherit his entire estate.
  • Star Trader
    A strategy game where players need to invest in trading companies in order to control the galaxy.

Commodore 64 Games

  • The Name Game
    A phrase is provided with all letters indicated by spaces; players can guess one letter at a time in an attempt to fill in enough gaps to be able to guess the phrase. Up to 15 letters can be guess and there is a 15 second time limit between guesses.
  • Lost at Sea
    The king of Portugal believes there is a sea route to India; in this strategy games players need to find it! Players will need to deal with hunger, pirates, storms, unhappy crews, and more as they explore the open seas.
  • Monsters of the Deep
    A snake-style action game. Players guide a snake around a field with varying obstacles; the goal is to eat all of the mushrooms to proceed to the next level. Each time the snake eats a mushroom, it gets longer; a life is lost if the snake crashes into walls or iself.
  • Sorcerer's Castle
    A text based adventure game taking place in mideval times.
  • Cavern of Riches
    A text based adventure game.
  • Trip to Atlantis
    A text based adventure game; players explore the lost city of Atlantis in search of treasures.
  • Castle Adventure
    Different than the IBM PC version with the same name, the Commodore 64 Castle Adventure is a text based adventure game where players are wandering through a forest and come across a castle to explore.
  • Yukon
    A text based adventure game where players are attempting to survive in the Canadian wilderness.

IBM PC Games

  • Amulet of Yendor
    A version of The Wizard's Castle, players can choose one of four different races and set out to explore a castle in search of treasure. The castle has multiple floors and traps, monsters, and more get in the way.
  • Golden Wombat
    A mixture of adventure and action, Golden Wombat is a version of Castle Adventure. With a top down view, players explore a castle with the goal of recovering treasures.
  • Sabotage
    An adventure game taking place in the year 2101, players need to sneak into an alien complex to destroy it and return with the plans for their defense technology.
  • Vampire's Castle
    A text adventure game where players are exploring Dracula's Castle.
  • Computer Battleship
    A computerized version of the popular board game Battleship. Players take turns attempting to locate and sink their opponents ships.
  • Hi-Que
    A puzzle played on a cross-shaped board with 32 pegs and, initially, one empty space in the middle. Players need to clear the board of all pegs by having one peg jump over another to remove it.
  • Flipper
    A strategy game played on a 3x3 board, players need to flip over all tokens on the board so they are white.
  • Fire Out
    A version of Fire Fighter; a fire has broken out in a forest, and players need to strategically use water, firebreaks, and backfires to put out everything that's burning.