Yamaha YM2413

There are 8 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Yamaha YM2413.
Yamaha YM2413 is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.

The Yamaha YM2413 is an OPL2 FM synthesizer chip featuring the ability to play up to 9 channels of sound. It is a cost reduced version of the popular YM3812 and as such is more limited in features in order to reduce the number of internal registers. Due to this, the YM2413 can only store one user defined instrument with all of the others being predefined, the number of available waveforms is reduced to two, only 15 levels of volume for each channel are available, and there are changes to how sounds are mixed together for output.

The Yamaha YM2413 was only available in Japan for SEGA Master System games. Initially it was available as an optional add-on for the orginal Sega Mark III console and later was built into the Japanese Master System console. A PSG (Programmable Sound Generator, in the case of the Master System a TI SN76489 was used) was built in to all versions of the console, and outside of Japan only the PSG was available for sound. When supported, the YM2413 provided much higher quality sound compared to the PSG.