Pro Audio Spectrum Plus

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The Pro Audio Spectrum Plus is a sound card released by MediaVision in 1992. The card features 20 voice stereo FM synthesis based on the Yamaha YMF262 (OPL3) chip and 8-bit stereo digital sound with a sampling rate of up to 44.1 kHz. Additionally, the card featured a SCSI CD-ROM interface, a simple on board mixer, a game port, and an optional MIDI connector. The Pro Audio Spectrum Plus was compatible with MediaVision's prior Pro Audio Spectrum card as well as with the Sound Blaster, Thunderboard, and Adlib Music Synthesizer card.

While the Pro Audio Spectrum Plus was advertised as fully compatible with the original Pro Audio Spectrum, this wasn't entirely the case. Digitized sounds and other features were compatible, however since the PAS + used a single OPL3 chip for synthesis instead of two OPL2 chips, PAS games which utilized the duel OPL2 chips for music would not sound correct on the PAS +.


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Pro Audio Spectrum Plus
Pro Audio Spectrum Plus card, box, and contents