Not compatible with Intellivision II

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Not compatible with Intellivision II is part of the category Additional Requirements.
In 1982, an updated version of the Intellivision was released called the Intellivision II. The redesign was intended to reduce the cost of components and to make repairs easier by having components that commonly failed replacable (most notably, the controllers which could not be detached in the original Intellivision). The Intellivision II was supposed to be fully compatible with the original version, however a change in the program code in the system's ROM (called the EXEC) was also included. This change was introduced as an intentional attempt to prevent third party publishers from releasing games for the Intellivision and causes several games to not run on the Intellivision II (including Mattel's own Word Fun) and also causes a few minor glitches in other games. This attempt to lock out third party games was successful only for a short time as publishers soon figured out how to get around the change.