Innovation SSI-2001

Innovation Sound Standard (SSI-2001)

There are 11 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Innovation SSI-2001.
Innovation SSI-2001 is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.
The Innovation Sound Standard SSI-2001 is a sound card released in 1989 by Innovation. It is based on the Commodore MOS 6581 Sound Interface Device chip (more commonly known as SID) which is well known for its use in the Commodore 64 computer. As such, the capabilities of the SSI-2001 are the same as the Commodore 64; the card can produce up to 3 voices at a time with each voice independently programmable. Four different waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, pulse, noise) are available as well as attack/decay/sustain/release (ADSR) and other filters. The card also included a game port for connecting a joystick, a feature that would later become popular following the release of the Sound Blaster.

Support for the card was poor with only handfull of games utilizing it, and today the card is extremely rare.