IBM PS/1 Audio Card

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IBM PS/1 Audio Card is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.
The PS/1 Audio Card is a sound card that was released in 1990 by IBM exclusively for the IBM PS/1 line of computers. The card provided 3-voice sound along with a noise channel and an 8-bit DAC for digital sounds. The sound quality provided was very similar to that of the IBM PCjr and Tandy 1000 computers. Since the card was not a standard ISA card, it could only be installed in IBM PS/1 computers.


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PS/1 Audio Card and Joystick
IBM PS/1 Audio Card Option: box, audio card, and contents
This option for the IBM PS/1 came bundled with the Audio Card, a joystick, Silpheed, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Cakewalk MIDI software, and a MIDI box. The version of Silpheed included was enhanced to include sound support for the PS/1 Audio Card.