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The Sound Blaster 16 is a line of sound cards introduced in 1992 by Creative Technology and is the successor to the Sound Blaster Pro. It is mostly backwards compatible with earlier Sound Blaster cards and the AdLib Music Synthesizer card. Like the Sound Blaster Pro 2, the Sound Blaster 16 features FM synthesis based on the Yamaha OPL-3 sound chip. In addition it added new features including 16-bit digital audio, an expansion connector allowing MIDI daughterboards to be added (such as the Wave Blaster or the Roland SCB-55), an optional digital signal processor (called the Advanced Signal Processor or Creative Signal Processor) which provided additional digital sound capabilities, and CD-ROM drive support. Numerous versions of the Sound Blaster 16 were released over the years, ranging from lower cost basic packages which didn't include some of the available options, to more more advanced packages which included the optional ASP chip or the Creative WavSynth synthesizer.


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Sound Blaster 16 ASP
Model # CT1740
Sound Blaster 16 Value
Model # CT2290
Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects
Model # CT4520
The Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects card is a reduced cost version of the Sound Blaster 16. Instead of including a genuine Yamaha OPL-3 FM synthesizer chip it utilizes Creative's CQM synthesis to emulate the OPL-3. The emulation wasn't accurate and could add noise and distortion to sounds that would not be found with a real OPL-3 chip. The WavEffects card also included a software synthesizer for Windows to improve MIDI playback.
Sound Blaster VIBRA 16
Model # CT2260
The Sound Blaster VIBRA 16 is a cost reduced version of the Sound Blaster 16 line that was developed primarily for OEMs and entry level markets. The card lacked some of the features found in some of the earlier versions of the Sound Blaster 16 such as the hardware bass and treble controls and the Wave Blaster connector. While earlier variations of the Sound Blaster 16 were configured entirely with jumpers, many versions of the VIBRA 16 featured Plug and Play support to simplify installation for Windows operating systems.


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