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The IBM PC Music Feature Card is a sound card that was first introduced by IBM in 1987. It was essentially a version of the Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator on an ISA card instead of an external module (although there were some minor differences such as different firmware revisions, some different SysEx commands, and of course the LCD display and button panel is not possible on an ISA card). Like the FB-01 it was based on the Yamaha YM2164, a 4 operator FM synthesizer sound chip, and also included a built in proprietary MIDI interface and Z80 microprocessor. The card could play up to 8 sounds at a time with each sound being able to be set to a different timbre and panned left, right, or center for stereo effects. 336 instrument sounds were built in with the ability to store up to 96 user programmable sounds. It was possible to install two cards in a single computer providing up to 16 sounds at a time, however there weren't any games that supported this option.

The IBM PC Music Feature Card failed to gain a lot market share or developer support for gaming. Although the card was technically superior to the popular Adlib card which used a less advanced FM synthesizer chip and had fewer features, the card was comparatively expensive (when introduced, it cost $495) as it was intended to be a professional level card geared towards composers and musicians.


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IBM PC Music Feature Card
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