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The Creative Music System (often referred to as CMS or C/MS) was Creative Labs' first sound card introduced in 1987 (prior to their popular Sound Blaster card). The card was capable of 12 simultaneous voices, each of which could be panned left or right for stereo effects. The sounds were generated by two Philips SAA1099 chips (labeled as CMS-301) which provided square wave sounds plus a noise channel. The tonal quality of the card was similar to that of the Tandy 1000 or PCjr, however more channels of sound were available and sounds could be in stereo.

The CMS card was later released by Radio Shack in 1988 as the Game Blaster; the hardware was identical to the earlier CMS branded card, only the name was changed. Neither the CMS or Game Blaster branded versions were a success for Creative Labs and it failed to gain as much market share as the competing Adlib card. Although the CMS and Game Blaster cards could produce stereo sound while the Adlib could not, the synthesis quality of the CMS card was often viewed as inferior to the FM synthesis used by Adlib.


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Creative Labs GameBlaster
Model # CT-1300B


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