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The Ensoniq Soundscape is a sound card released by Ensoniq Corporation in 1994. It featured a wavetable synthesizer with 2 MB of sound samples (1 MB in some OEM versions) to provide high quality MIDI music and could playback 8-bit digitized sound compatible with the Sound Blaster. The card worked in its own native Soundscape mode and also supported the General MIDI sound standard; an MPU-401 MIDI interface was built in providing excellent compatibility for games. A CD-ROM interface was included with several versions available to accommodate different interface types.

The Soundscape provided emulation of several other common sound standards of the time including AdLib, Sound Blaster, Roland MT-32, and Microsoft Windows Sound System, however, with limitations. For the Roland MT-32 mode the Soundscape emulated the default Roland sounds, but it was not programmable like a real MT-32 so any games that used custom sounds would not sound correct. The Soundscape also did not include a real Yamaha OPL chip for FM synthesis but rather emulated it with the wavetable sounds which provided poor results when compared with a real AdLib or Sound Blaster. The board offered the ability to disable Sound Blaster compatibility so the Soundscape provided only MIDI capability with the second board providing digital sound and FM synthesis.


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