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AdLib Gold is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.
The AdLib Gold is a sound card that was released by AdLib, Inc. in 1992. The card was compatible with the original AdLib Music Synthesizer Card and added improved synthesis quality, stereo capability, and high quality digitized sound capability.

The AdLib Gold features 4 operator FM synthesis based on the YMF262 chip (also known as OPL3) which provided 20 voices and stereo capability. 12-bit digital PCM capability is included for stereo digitized sounds. A surround sound module was also available, although only a few games utilized it. The AdLib Gold was not a success for AdLib and the company went bankrupt shortly after its release. Despite it's superior quality, the card was released too late to market and by that time Creative Labs' Sound Blaster line had already gained extensive market share and become the de facto sound card supported by games.


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