Covox Sound Master II

There are 15 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Covox Sound Master II.
Covox Sound Master II is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.
The Covox Sound Master II is a sound card by Covox, Inc. It features a Yamaha YM3812 chip for FM synthesis providing up to 11 channels of sound (either 9 channels, or 6 channels plus 5 percussion channels). An 8-bit DAC was also included for digitized sound capability. Lastly a DA-15 port for either a MIDI device or a joystick was included.

The capabilities of the card were very similar to that of the Sound Blaster and a TSR was included which provided compatibility with it. As with other Covox sound cards, the Sound Master II was not a big seller and only a handful of games provided direct support for it.


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