Pro-Line Joystick

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Pro-Line Joystick is part of the category Input Devices.
The Atari Pro-Line Joysticks shipped with the Atari 7800 as well as some versions of the Atari 2600jr. The controller is an updated version of the Atari 2600 joysticks and while it is somewhat similar in shape to the Atari 5200 Joystick, there are a number of differences including the removal of the keypad and Start/Pause/Reset buttons and the use of a digital instead of analog joystick design. The controller features just two buttons, one on each side. When used with the Atari 7800 the buttons can act independently, or when used with an Atari 2600 or with the Atari 8-bit computers only the left side button is operational.


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Atari Pro-Line Joystick