Roland Sound Canvas

There are 12 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Roland Sound Canvas.
Roland Sound Canvas is part of the category Sound Hardware Supported.

The Roland Sound Canvas is a line of sound modules and sound cards featuring high quality wavetable synthesis. The Sound Canvas is fully compatible with General MIDI and also supported the GS standard which provided additional sounds and features beyond those supported by General MIDI. Some games provided support for the Sound Canvas to take advantage of these features. There were numerous models of the Sound Canvas released; it was available in several form factors including rack mountable units for professional musicians, external sound modules, ISA cards, and daughterboards which would connect to another PC sound card such as the Sound Blaster 16.

Many Sound Canvas devices also included limited Roland MT-32 emulation. The Sound Canvas sounds would be re-mapped to mimic the default MT-32 sounds, however the programmability of the MT-32 was not supported. This resulted in games which didn't utilize custom sounds to sound more or less similar to a real MT-32, however games which programmed the MT-32 for custom sounds would be off.


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Roland Sound Canvas
Roland Sound Canvas
SCB-55 Daughterboard
The SCB-55 is designed to connect to a Sound Blaster 16 or compatible sound card featuring a daughter board connector. It added full General MIDI and Roland GS sound capability to the Sound Blaster 16 while leaving available other Sound Blaster features allowing games to combine both together (most commonly used for MIDI music and digitized sound effects simultaneously). The sound quality of the SCB-55 was the same as other Sound Canvas devices and much better than Creative Labs' own Waveblaster daughterboard.
Roland Sound Canvas
The Roland SC-880 is a 1U rack mount version of the Roland GS synthesizer similar to the SC-88 Pro along with several enhancements.