Double Hi-Res

There are 60 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Double Hi-Res.
Double Hi-Res is part of the category Display Hardware Supported.
Double Hi-Res graphics mode on Apple II computers has a resolution of 560x192 which is twice the horizontal resolution as Hi-Res mode. When using a color display this allows 140 columns of color with up to 16 colors to be displayed at once instead of 6 colors as found in Hi-Res mode.

Similar to Hi-Res mode, the pixels output in Double Hi-Res mode are only in black and white; color is generated by composite video artifacting. With the increased resolution, there are 4 pixels per colorburst cycle which allows the total of 16 different colors. Due to this unique way of creating color graphics, it wasn't always possible to set individual pixels to any color desired without potentially impacting neighboring pixels; this often led to color fringing effects that were characteristic of Apple II graphics.