Alvin Files

The following games documented on PixelatedArcade have been associated with Alvin Files.

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  1. The Software Exchange (Versions also published by: Adventure International, Adventure International (UK), Commodore Business Machines, Inc., Texas Instruments Incorporated)
    Documented for Systems: Acorn Electron (1984), Atari 8-bit (1981), BBC Micro (1984), Commodore VIC-20 (1981), TI-99/4A (1981), TRS-80 (1979), TRS-80 Color Computer (1983)
  2. Adventure International (Versions also published by: Adventure International (UK), Texas Instruments Incorporated, The Software Exchange)
    Documented for Systems: Acorn Electron (1984), Apple II (1980), Atari 8-bit (1981), BBC Micro (1986), Dragon 32/64 (1984), Exidy Sorcerer (1979), TI-99/4A (1981), TRS-80 (1979), TRS-80 Color Computer (1983)
Displaying all 2 games