Moving and Memorial Day 2020

We're Moving in Real Life

Welcome to Memorial Day 2020! Here in the United States it is, more or less, the unofficial start of summer but also don't forget to take a moment to think of those who sacrificed their life serving their country.

Here at PixelatedArcade, we're moving! In real life, not the site; PixelatedArcade is remaining at www.pixelatedarcade.com with plenty of updates and more game information planned! Site updates will be a little slower than usual for a while, however, as we are moving to a new home and the process takes a lot of time to sort itself out...not to mention a lot of our equipment isn't unpacked let alone setup yet. Covid-19 has made the process slower and more interesting as well; buying additional furniture, setting up packing/moving services, and more is all complicated by closed offices and stores. But we're making it work, and a lot of people have come up with some creative work arounds to both do their job and follow CDC guidelines at the same time. That's all of the updates for today, so stay safe everyone and enjoy some classic video games!