Happy Holidays!

The PixelatedArcade 2019 End of Year Roundup

Happy holidays everyone! It's been a busy year here with lots of classic gaming fun. We acquired numerous new games to document on the site, deployed several code revisions including a new, more responsive layout, added this news feature (including the first two rambling game reviews), and numerous bug fixes and behind the scenes updates. We're looking forward to 2020 with plenty more to come; there's still a stack of boxes that haven't been scanned and screenshots to be captured so look for more images, games, credits, features, and possibly even a few new platforms to be added. As of now, here's a few brief stats on what we have up on the site thus far:

  • Game listings: 2288
  • Screenshots: 32130 (2182 screenshot groups)
  • Cover scans and photos: 9220 (1687 cover groups)
  • Other photographs: 10095 (1331 picture groups)
  • Technical specs: 3590
  • Game credits: 1417
  • Releases: 4338
  • Games with logo images: 1255
  • Companies with logo images: 114
  • Related game groups: 136
  • Instruction Manuals / Documents: 803 (586 games)
  • Game Overviews: 745 (365 games)
  • Advertisement scans: 1087 (777 groups for 660 games/tech specs/game groups)
This project is a constant work in progress; so, enjoy the holidays with friends and family, and please visit again in 2020 for more vintage games and updates!

Photo of IBM PCjr, Yoshi, Piranha Plant, Pac-Man, and Christmas decorations.