February 2021 Updates

New Code Updates and Ice Storms

This past week has been a cold one in many parts of North America. Luckily, losing power hasn't been an issue for us however some planned travel had to be cancelled due to iced over roads described by one of the locals as “nearly undrivable”. Lacking the proper equipment for such conditions, it was instead time to take advantage of the time off from work and complete some code updates and fixes! The latest changes to the PixelatedArcade codebase have just been pushed live...

A number of back-end fixes are included, some minor tweaks to the layout are included, and more. The most noticable change will be an improved popup for screenshots, cover art, and other images. If you're surfing the site on a desktop, laptop, or otherwise have a large screen this may look like little more than a style update. On mobile devices, tablets, or anything with a touch screen is where the main improvement can be found; touch is now supported so you can swipe left and right to navigate images, swipe up to close the popup, tap an image to show or hide the navigation buttons and captions, and pinch to zoom in or out. Work has also been started on some other nice features which haven't been completed yet, so as always there will be more to come later.

That's it for now! Thanks for visiting, and stay safe whether it's from covid or ice.