The CheetahMen II

Platforms: NES / Famicom
The CheetahMen originally appeared as one of the games in Action 52, Active Enterprises cartridge containing 52 different original games. A sequel, The CheetahMen II, was planned but not quite completed; only 6 of the 10 proposed levels were finished. Likely planned for release around 1992, no official released happened however in 1996 a warehouse was found containing about 1500 copies of the game. All copies were in Action 52 cartridge cases (including the label) with many also having a gold "CheetaMen II" label on the opposite side. Due to the low number of copies produced the game is rare and can be difficult to find now.
Platform: NES / Famicom
Planned Release Date: 1992
Country: United States flagUnited States
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UPC 7 30669 18180 1
Package Contents:
  • Game cartridge
  • Notice sheet PDF