Braminar: Instructions

Game: Braminar
Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles

	Documentation for BRAMINAR Fantasy Fiction Game

Braminar is an interactive fiction game taken from an old favorite called
"Fantasia."  Fantasia was a take off from two other games called 
UNIVERSE and ASTROMAN.  Due to very bogus circumstances, UNIVERSE and
ASTROMAN were lost.  Fantasia lived on, but was never nutured into a 
full-grown software package.  I am proud, to present the public with
BRAMINAR, the first commercial package in the family of Boolean Interactive
Fiction games.


All of us know what an Interactive fiction game is.  This is where you are
told where you are, and you may type in any number of commands to do 
something.  What bugged the heck out of me about these games, is that 
the blasted program kept coming back with "I don't understand" or 
"You can't do that" half the time.  

Boolean interactive fiction games are similar to interactive fiction, but
instead of you entering just any command, about 80% of he time, you only
need to say YES or NO.  Prompts like "ENTER THE CITY?"  or 
"DRINK THE POTION?"  are answered with one key: (Y or N)  Other prompts
need numbers.  Try not to supply any letters when numbers are needed.  

Braminar can be a reasonably fast-paced game if you are quick about 
responding to the prompts.  

I'll warn you now, that Braminar is somewhat crazy.  You'll notice, as you
use it, that the author likes hamburgers and doughnuts, and makes jokes
about Hellen Reddy.  

The program was made purely in the spirit of fun.  I ask for no fee, and
if it makes you smile just once, it's done it's job.  

To give you some background, here is an introduction to the game setting.
Most of the game details can be found out by buying rumors, by experience,
and by sheer luck!

    Braminar is a magical kingdom plagued by an evil Overlord.  
    This Overlord has raised taxes, enslaved villages, and outlawed
    hamburgers (the fiend!!) You are a prospective young warrior
    (female or male) starting out at 7 to 9th level.  You must gain
    in experience by fighting monsters & such, to gain level by level.
    You must buy food, medicine, and recuperate every once in a while
    to keep your hit points above zero. (if they reach zero, you bite
    it.)  Beware of the plague, or getting hit by an ugly stick.  
    The objective of the game, is to reach 20th level (or more), 
    acquire the Staff of Aviatar, Learn the Staff's Prime command 
    (answer Pan's riddle to get this.)  and find the Overlords Keep.

    Once you've done that, your assets will be liquidated into an army.
    If your army defeats the Overlord, You must fight the Overlord 
    himself in battle.  (if you have the talisman, it destroys him
    automatically.)  If you win, you have won the game!!!  (have your
    printer ready if you win.  Braminar will print an award for you.)

My best of luck!  Explore, and enjoy!