IBM PCjr or Tandy 1000 sound

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The IBM PCjr and the Tandy 1000 series computers came with additional sound capabilities built in beyond those of the PC Internal Speaker, which had been all that was available for PC computers up until the PCjr's release. Based on a Texas Instruments sound chip (the SN76489), the PCjr and Tandy 1000 could play three simultaneous square waves along with a fourth white noise channel. Each voice could have the volume controlled individually. The addition of the TI sound chip gave the PCjr and Tandy sound capabilities that were more in line with many other computers and game consoles of the era.

The enhanced sound was first featured in the IBM PCjr and shortly after in the Tandy 1000. Since the Tandy 1000 series was much more successful and lasted longer in the marketplace many later games refer to this feature as Tandy sound or Tandy 3-voice music even though the feature may work on the PCjr as well. In a few cases, the enhanced sound is only available on a PCjr or a Tandy 1000 but not both; this is typically the case when the game autodetects the type of computer the game is being run on rather than the presence of the sound chip.


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