Super VGA (VESA)

There are 27 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Super VGA (VESA).
Super VGA (VESA) is part of the category Display Hardware Supported.
The Video Electronics Standards Association (more commonly known as VESA) is a standards organization which consists of numerous companies. VESA was formed in 1989, initially to promote Super VGA graphics standards — prior to the VESA standards, companies started releasing graphics cards for PC's that were compatible with IBM's VGA standard but added additional capabilities such as higher resolution or additional colors. The implementation of the extended video modes was non-standard requiring software that wanted to take advantage having to support specific manufacturers cards. Video cards that implemented the VESA standards allowed software to access the extended video modes in a uniform way that would work with any manufacturer.

Similar to Super VGA, initial versions of VESA graphics cards included new video modes 640x480 256 color and 800x600 16 color with many more modes offering higher resolutions and more simultaneous colors following shortly. On PixelatedArcade, Super VGA (VESA) is used to indicate games that support graphics capabilities that adhere to a VESA standard.