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The Sound Blaster Pro is a sound card first released in 1991 by Creative Labs. It is the follow up to their successful Sound Blaster card and added a number of new features and improvements while maintaining compatibility with Sound Blaster. New features included the ability to playback digital sounds in stereo with a sampling rate up to 22.05 kHz or in mono with a sampling rate up to 44.1 kHz, a simple mixer to provide volume control of different sound sources, and a built in CD-ROM interface. Like the original Sound Blaster, the Sound Blaster Pro featured FM synthesis based on Yamaha chips (the exact chips used varied depending on the model).

Sound Blaster Pro 1

Upon release the Sound Blaster Pro featured two YM3812 (OPL2) chips. This provided a total of 22 voices in stereo, with one chip providing sound for the right channel and the other for the left (in order to direct sound to the "center", one voice from each chip needed to be used).

Sound Blaster Pro 2

Later revisions of the Sound Blaster Pro replaced the two YM3812 chips with a single YMF262 (OPL3) chip. The updated chip provided 20 voices, each of which could be panned left or right for stereo effects. The more advanced YM262 chip also included the option of 4 operator FM synthesis instead of the 2 operator synthesis found in previous cards; When utilized, this provided the Sound Blaster Pro 2 with a much higher quality of FM synthesis when compared with the earlier model and the Sound Blaster. Other features of the original Sound Blaster Pro remained the same in this version.


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Sound Blaster Pro 1
Model # CT1330
Sound Blaster Pro 2
Model # CT1600
Sound Blaster Pro 2 - Deluxe Edition
Model # CT1600


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