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The Gravis Ultrasound (also commonly known as GUS) is a sound card originally introduced in 1992 by Canada-based Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd. The Ultrasound provided significantly higher quality sound than many competing sound cards of the era by using 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo wavetable synthesis for sounds instead of the more common FM synthesis. The Ultrasound did not store the sound samples in ROM similar to other wavetable cards at the time, instead it included 256 KB of RAM (which could be upgraded) for loading either the default or custom samples into.


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Gravis Ultrasound ACE (Audio Card Enhancer)
Version 1.0
The Gravis Ultrasound ACE is a version of the Gravis Ultrasound designed to be installed alongside another sound card such as the Sound Blaster or Pro Audio Spectrum. It provides the same wavetable synthesis capabilities and also includes an audio line in to allow sounds from the other sound card to be easily mixed together with the Ultrasound. This allowed the Ultrasound to be used for MIDI music while another sound card provided digital sounds, a setup that was often supported by games in the 90's.


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