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BASIC Interpreter is part of the category Additional Requirements.

For games that were written in the BASIC programming language but were not compiled into a stand-alone executable program, a BASIC interpreter was required in order to run the program. While some games that were written in BASIC included the interpreter, others did not; in this case, a user would need to provide their own BASIC interpreter. In some cases, a BASIC interpreter was either bundled with the system or available in ROM while in other cases it needed to be obtained seperately.

IBM and compatible computers:
On early IBM computers such as the IBM PC and XT, Cassette BASIC was included in ROM. BASIC interpreters were also typically included with DOS; depending on the version of PC-DOS or MS-DOS being used, either Disk BASIC, Advanced BASIC, or GW-BASIC was included. On the IBM PCjr., Cartridge BASIC was typically needed to run games. Depending on the requirements of a particular game, not all versions of BASIC that were available could be used; some games utilized more advanced features that weren't found in the simpler versions such as Cassette BASIC.

Amiga computers:
On the Amiga, AmigaBASIC (which was shipped with Amiga OS versions 1.1 through 1.3) or equivalent was required.

Atari ST computers:
The version of BASIC bundled with the system by Atari, ST BASIC, or a compatible alternative is required.

TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A computers:
On the TI-99/4 or TI-99/4A, either the built in BASIC interpreter or the TI Extended BASIC module could be used.


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IBM PCjr Cartridge BASIC
GW-BASIC for Tandy 1000

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