Video Vermin: Instruction Manual

Game: Video Vermin
Platform: Commodore VIC-20
Instructions for 1638

                          VIDEO VERMIN
                          Mike Wacker
                    Copyright 1982 UMI, Inc.

Your once-peaceful garden is being invaded by a hoard of hungry
Vermin. Shoot them and their fallen bodies sprout a barricade of
mushrooms to conceal more swarming raiders. Snails oil path on
which the Vermin slither erratically toward you. Dropping
butterflies leave a trail of mushrooms in their wake, and pouncing
spiders, ants, beetles, and fleas infest the area. One vigilant
gardener strikes first. If he's destroyed by the fatal touch of
the invaders, two more defenders lie in wait to take his place.
If the third gardener succumbs, and you have 10,000 points,
another gardener will emerge to help save the garden from

Game Requirements

To play Video Vermin you will need:

               One joystick
               Television set or monitor
               Video Vermin Cartridge
To Load Program

With the VIC's power OFF, hold the cartridge label side up and
slide it into the VIC's memory port. The cartridge connector
should seat firmly into the receptacle.

When all the parts of the system are properly connected, turn
power ON. Video Vermin starts automatically.

To Play

Begin Play by pressing the Function Key 1 (f1) on the upper right
corner of the VIC-20 keyboard.

Use the joystick to move your defending gardener right, left, up
or down. To fire use the fire button on the base of the joystick.
For RAPID FIRE! hold the joystick button down.


The goal of Video Vermin is to score as many points as you can by
destroying the ever increasing hoards of Vermin. Each Vermin
represents a particular point value:

                  VERMIN                POINTS
                  Snail                  2000
                  Spider                  500
                  Butterfly               200
                  Beetle                  100
                  Flea                    100
                  Ant                     100
                  Mushroom                  1
The number of remaining defending gardeners is displayed across
the top of the screen. Begin with three gardeners, and earn
another with each 10,000 points scored.

Skill Levels and High Score

The high score is retained from game to game. When all the Vermin
at one level are eliminated, Video Vermin automatically attacks at
an all new, fast-paced higher level. There is no practical limit
to your challenge. Video Vermin will make your skin crawl and
drive you buggy!