Color Graphics Adapter

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The Color Graphics Adapter (also known as Color/Graphics Adapter or IBM Color/Graphics Monitor Adapter) was the first color graphics video card released for the IBM PC in 1981. CGA cards could display up to 16 colors with the number of colors available at one time (either 2, 4, or 16) being dependent on the particular video mode in use.

The following graphics modes were available with an RGB monitor:
resolution colors notes
40x25 Text 16 colors
80x25 Text 16 colors
320x200 graphics 4 colors 3 of the 4 colors were not freely selectable; instead, they needed to be chosen from one of 6 predefined palettes. The 4th background color could be any one of 16 colors and defaulted to black.
640x200 graphics 2 colors The forground color (defaulting to white) could be set to any one of 16 colors.
160x100 graphics 16 colors This mode is actually a tweak of the 80x25 text mode.
Although there were different color palettes available, CGA graphics are often remembered for their unattractive default colors consisting of cyan, magenta, white, and black.

CGA cards could also be connected to a composite monitor which provided improved color capabilities but had poorer resolution and clarity.


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IBM CGA card
IBM CGA card box and contents
3rd Party CGA card
MA Systems PC Peacock CGA card