Rubik's Cube

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles

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Main Genre:
Simulation , Strategy
Puzzle Solving


Rubik's Cube for the IBM PC
Rubik's Cube for the IBM PC
Rubik's Cube is a computerized version of the popular puzzle game of the same name. Players are presented with a cube where each side is broken up into 9 sections where each section can be one of 6 colors. By twisting and turning the pieces, the goal is to get each face of the cube to be a solid color. The game uses keyboard commands to indicate which face of the cube to select and which direction to twist. Just like a real cube, players begin with a properly ordered cube which can then be scrambled and attempted to re-assemble. The game accomodates both composite and RGB displays by supporting 40 or 80 column text modes; in 80 column modes the game displays commands along the right side of the screen, or in 40 column modes players can enter a command to display help information.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
By: Karl Koessel