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Platforms: Amiga, Apple IIgs, Atari 7800, Atari ST, IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh

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Apple IIgs version of Mean 18
Apple IIgs version of Mean 18
Mean 18 is a golf simulation first released by Accolade in 1986 for IBM PC computers. Versions were later released for the Amiga, Apple IIgs, Atari 7800, Atari ST, and Macintosh. The game included four courses to play and also had an editor for players to create their own courses (and is one of the first golf games to do so).


Mean 18 simulates an 18 hole round of golf with a 3D view of the hole from behind the player for each shot. To hit the ball, the game uses a 3 click system that would become popular and was used by numerous golf games for years: the first click starts the backswing, the second click indicates how much power the shot will have, and the final click indicates the accuracy (an inaccurate click and the ball will either fade or draw). Both a beginner and expert skill level are included; with the expert level, the draw and fade of the ball is more dramatic making an accurate third click more crucial. Players also have the option to play from regular or pro tees. A driving range and practice green were available to allow players to practice without playing a full round of golf.

Four different famous courses were included with the game, one on the game disk and included three additional as part of Mean 18 Famous Course Disk Volume I. The courses are:
  • Bush Hill
  • St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Pebble Beach, California
  • Augusta National, Georgia
Additional courses could also be purchased. Due to limitations of the system, the Atari 7800 version of the game only included one course (Pebble Beach).


Platform: Apple IIgs
Designed by: Rex E. Bradford
Graphics by: George Karalias
Apple IIgs version by: Mark Lesser
Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Designed by: Rex E. Bradford
Graphics by: George Karalias


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Atari 7800


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