Creature Creator

Platforms: Apple II, Atari 8-bit, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Editor / Construction Set


IBM PC version of Creature Creator
IBM PC version of Creature Creator

Creature Creator is a simple educational game for children ages 4-8 published by DesignWare. The game allows players to create a variety of monsters by mixing and matching various body parts such as arms, legs, and heads. Additional options are included which allow players to create a simple program their creation will follow along with a Simon-like game.


The game screen in Creature Creator shows a creature along the upper right side of the screen along with a menu. Players can choose from different arms, bodies, legs, and heads to modify the creature shown to their liking. Once players are satisfied with their creation, the game allows players to program the creature by creating a sequence of actions it will perform including hop, stomp, turn it's head, roar, and wave. When done, the game will have the monster repeat the actions entered for as long as players like. In the mini-game, the computer and the player each have a creature; the computer's creature will perform a series of actions, and when it's done players need to enter in the actions in the same order (similar to the game Simon). The game starts simple with only one action, and each time the player responds correctly an additional action is added to the list. The game ends when an incorrect response is entered.